About Biddy Sports

Biddy Sports’ mission is to introduce preschool children to sports in a non-competitive, supportive environment where they and their families enjoy healthy play, sportsmanship and fun.

Biddy is a youth sports program for 4-6 year olds that began in 1993 serving East Contra Costa County.  In just the last decade, over 8,500 families have enjoyed this great introduction to sports.

How it works:  Biddy Sports uses a basic league format, meets once a week, and all activities happen in one hour (warm–up, practice, and scrimmages).  Children are assigned to teams, each with a trained volunteer coach.  Coaches are usually parents of the players and coach their own child’s team.

The concept is that children get to play at their own level and are introduced to being on a team.  They also gain some basic sport skills and social skills, like taking turns.  Parents are present for support and to help the coaches as needed.  It is a positive, inclusive, fun introduction to organized sports.  Parents can learn and use their leadership skills by coaching or refereeing.  And Biddy Sports is appropriate for all skill levels; it is a great starter sports program for preschoolers and their families, and a healthy way to play.

Each sport session lasts six to eight weeks, with a brief player celebration on the final week.  Available sports include Basketball, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Flag Tag and T-Ball.  Soccer and T-Ball are for three to five year olds; Basketball and Flag Tag are for four to six year olds.  We are currently running programs in Brentwood and Oakley CA.


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