Biddy began in Oakley in 2013 with two very popular sports, T-ball and Soccer both for 3-5 year olds. We play at Summer Lake Park in Oakley; T-Ball in the spring (April) and Soccer in the early fall (August). Hailee Didio, is the current Oakley Biddy staff, who took over from Adam Logan in fall of 2017. She leads the Oakley program with fun and a smile. Exact dates are on the program dates tab.

So far over 750 children have played Biddy in Oakley and we hope you will join us too.

To reach the City of Oakley to register, call 925-625-7041 for registration details.
You can fax in the registration form and credit card approval form if you cannot register in person. Find the docs under recreation … forms… on the City of Oakley website. www.oakleyinfo.com.  They do not have full online registration yet, or take registration over the phone. If you fax in the forms please check that they arrived. Limited scholarships for residents may be available.

The address and contact info for Oakley is

    • 3231 Main Street, Oakley, CA 94561
    • (925) 625-7041   email:  info@ci.oakley.ca.us