The Biddy Sports program has a variety of volunteer positions that are available to parents and youth.  This is a great opportunity to share your talents and learn new things.  Without volunteers, the program just cannot happen.  We would love for you to join the leadership Biddy Sports team.  It is easy, rewarding, and coaches make a huge difference in the children’s lives.  Staff are always present and supportive to ensure your success.

Coaches are usually parents, relatives, or other interested folks.  You get to coach your own child’s team, and when possible, we have two coaches per team.   No experience is required and training is provided.  You even get a practice plan, so everything is ready to go with you in the lead.  Patience, organization and a basic sport interest/ability are what is needed.  The time commitment for coaches includes preseason coach’s training (2 hours), the weekly one hour games with your team for the duration of the season, and communications with your team.  Coaches need to be over 18 years of age; assistants may be 16 years of age and up, upon approval of program staff.

Referees are needed to referee the games each week.  Referees are usually parents and you referee your own child’s game.  There are games each week except the first week of the season.  An orientation on how to referee, and what to do, happens right before the first game.  As Biddy Sports has very few rules and no fouls, refereeing is pretty basic and safety oriented.  The goal is to keep the ball in, the game moving, and everyone safe.  It is preferred for consistency sake that the same folks referee each week, if possible.  Whistles are available but it’s better if you bring your own.  Referees need to be over 18 years of age.

Internships/Program Support Volunteers  The volunteer intern opportunity is ideal for people who are interested in sports, early childhood education, recreation, or program management.  Community service hours and a letter of recommendation/reference will be awarded upon successful completion of the internship.  Besides the actual Program Support position as described below, there are other internship possibilities such as producing a marketing video or developing sport drills, etc.  Interns can be 16 years of age and up.  Internships may lead to other paid opportunities.

Program Support Duties:

  • Assist the program staff by managing paperwork and equipment
  • Be available on Saturday mornings
  • Help staff direct and lead participants through the group warm-up
  • Assist volunteer coaches as needed with practice and game management
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately with staff, coaches, parents and children
  • Lift and carry up to 25 pounds
  • Other duties may include refereeing, and possible follow up phone calls and emails

The ideal candidate for the Program Support volunteer intern:

  • Enjoys working with small children and/or sports
  • Is absolutely dependable, energetic, outgoing, has a positive attitude, and is relatively athletic
  • Is interested in learning how a sports program works inside and out
  • Has great attention to detail and can learn paperwork
  • Enjoys a very fast paced environment
  • Can follow detailed directions, move quickly, think on their feet, and jump in when needed

If you would like to coach, referee or apply to be an intern, please fill out the information below to get the ball rolling. Please note which city, season and sport you are interested in helping out with, and the name of your child, if applicable. Thanks for joining the Biddy Sports leadership team!


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