Bay Point

LAST SEASON IN BAY POINT After four wonderful years 2016 Tball was the last season of Biddy Sports in Baypoint as Biddy did not renew the grant from Kaiser that subsidized the program. A huge thanks to Kaiser whose generosity and vision helped reach 655 children who played and 122 parents who volunteered, helping this community become and stay active.

“I think it’s been great for my son since he doesn’t really anything outside of home and daycare. It’s given skills as far as how to listen to direction and making friends without me holding his hands. I wasn’t prepared as much for parental participation, but I think it’s good seeing adults working together because it seems to encourage kids to work together.”                        – Devin

“This program was great for the community. A lot of parents got to know each other which is a support builder in the community. All parents want to see their kids doing positive things and the parents become friends from their kids being on the same team.”                                    – Coach Jason