So many graduates of Biddy Sports have moved on to other great successes, kids from over 7,500 families just in the last 10 years.  This translates to other leagues, trophies, championships, great grades and healthy habits.  Please email your pictures and stories to so I may post them and celebrate.  My favorite story so far is a Biddy Sports participation award being buried in an elementary school time capsule! Please include you/your child’s name and when/where/what sport they played in Biddy. Yes, I know some of my Biddy kids are full grown now!!

Testimonials from Biddy Sports Winter Basketball – Brentwood 2012


“We love you, Julie! Thanks for all that you do. This is our 8th year with Biddy Sports (kid #3). What great memories and a great way to introduce kids to sports!”

“Keep it up! Busy kids are happy kids!”

“Great program!”